Saturday, 3 December 2011

Blogs, Poetry and Essays

Right, I’m gonna let you in to a little secret.

I love writing.

I’m not even joking. blogs, poetry, essays – you name it, I love it!

And as I’m such a huge fan of creatively adapting the mind to create something with more depth and soul than religion (oops, I went there :P ) – I figured that I should start writing more of that stuff myself. When I say “more of that stuff” I mean, I should be writing creative pieces and poetry and then possibly videoing myself saying it or – somehow writing it on the net. However the whole copyright thing is a bit of a bugger – as (for obvious reasons) I don’t want people stealing my material. Or I may forever keep them locked in a cupboard for only the small goblins to see.

Talking of Goblins – I’ve been listening to Tyler the Creator (and in all honesty, that was all spontaneous – I didn’t plan for goblins to lead me in to Tyler talk – if you wondered). Tyler the creator is a weird lad, but nonetheless a very cool lad with a paradoxical mind. But I’ll save the Tyler talk for another post. As I don’t want my posts to be too long – because then it gets boring and I might as well start drawing grey lines across the screen (as that’s how it may appear – as the eye movement become sombre and repetitive).
The next post will be up soon.

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Erica x