Sunday, 6 March 2011

"Thinking is the Talking of the Soul with Itself"

Last night, my friend and I were on the train home. From an amazing concert. And we were sitting on the Train and then I noticed a post-it note on the window. 
So, obviously I read it. And it said 'THINKING IS THE TALKING OF THE SOUL WITH ITSELF'. I really don't understand why I'm so, inspired by it. But I am! I feel like its got a deeper meaning!

Anyway, I researched it earlier, and its one Plato's quotes. Wondering who that guy is? 
He's a Greek Philosopher from "back in the day" The meaning of the quote is somehow quite ambiguous yet, so clear? Which in itself is an ambiguous thought. 
But this is what I gathered from it; The thoughts that run though your head, is the soul/conscience speaking to you.
I suppose, I feel so inspired by this because, I'm quite an imaginative person. 

Anyway, this weekend has gone by so fast, but has been PHENOMENAL! I've spent a lot of it with my friend! So, Saturday I had a lie-in (kinda). I woke up at about 10am. Got ready, and left by 3 to meet my friend at her house. 
However the journey there was very, surreal. And I felt quite disembodied. But in a good, way. I don't really think that word is a good word to describe the journey to my mates. But oh well! 
I finally arrived. After being stuck in traffic.

We journeyed though London, and we finally got to our destination. 
We entered the smoked out venue! And the music began. It was amazing!

Waiting around for the band after the concert was pointless. But we done it. We later found out they came back to the hotel at about 1am. 
Gladly we didn't stay around! 

We returned home, late...But thats the life of a teenager, right?

We slept in until 11am :D
Breakfast was next...then I got ready...and 
"Bye see you tomorrow" was my last non internet word to my mate.

SO, that was how the majority of my weekend was spent. 
Today, Ive just been chilling, with my family.

Done some homework (defiantly the best part of the weekend).

Currently I'm listening to BBCR1 (Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw) while blogging! Nothing is better than this relaxed feeling, while doing and listening to things I throughly enjoy!