Monday, 7 March 2011


This is my spring playlist...
What songs are HAWT this spring...

I would defiantly suggest Eliza Doolittle. She has an amazing, jazzy voice. Full of a lot of texture, and a mixture of genre's. Another definite, is the KOOKS as usual. As I'm a huge fan of The Kooks, I'm always going to "big" them up. And a new one on the scene is Jamie Woon. He's genre is a little more difficult to put in to a couple of words. But non the less, still stunning and wonderful! 

1. Eliza Doolittle - Smokey Room

2.Rumer - Slow 

3.Little Dragon - Stormy Weather 

4.Jamie Woon - Spirits
(All of the songs begin with S - Hahaha)

5.Ella Chi - Picturesque

6.Kate Nash - Nicest Thing

7.Dan Black - Wonder

8.John Mayer - Stop this Train
9.Little Dragon - Thunder Love
10.Little Dragon - Stranger 

<<< MUSIC NEWS >>> 
The Kooks NEW album will be out VERY SOON
I asked the producer, myself! :D

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