Thursday, 10 February 2011


Heya Everyone,
I hope you enjoy my blog if this is your first time of reading it, if its not, than still have fun. I hope you enjoy.
What is love? What is the true meaning of love? And, can that question ever be answered?
Love is something that most, (if not all) want.
And well to be honest, love is probably the closest thing we have to magic, and I know that’s such a cliche expression. But maybe it is.
Being loved is having the sense of belonging, having a reason to live, having a reason to laugh, to write, to sing and to dance.
Love is about having that tingly feeling inside; which makes your heart glow and pump at a speed, that’s faster than light :)
Love is about waking up, and knowing that there is a reason to wake up. Its about appreciating what you have and allowing it to fill your life with tears of happiness.
Tears that are so, refreshing and pure.
Its about loving nature and the fact that, the things that fill your world, is so amazing. Like the sun being a ball of fire, the wind being currents of curly wurly unexplainable things, and that the earth is kept together by the small animals doing their best to survive in the western world - that we live in.
Its about the music you feel and hear in your body. Music isn’t just a few electronics that make a collage of sounds. Its a beat. Its a rhythm - Its something we’ve grown up with. Everything has a beat or at least a rhythm. After all, its the first thing we heard when we are inside our mothers bellies!
Love is about the art that creates the person who we are. The complexity of our mind, our thoughts and our soul - Its about appreciating that and showing it off. Its about finding the divine and true self within - which is often blocked and hidden by your ego. 
I know everything in my life is beautiful. My friends. My family…My world - that I live in and share a part of, just like you.
Love is about YOU ♥
Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you liked it :)
Erica xxx