Thursday, 10 February 2011


Hey Blog readers, 

I'm completely new to this. I just wanted to start a blog because I love writing and I figured that I need a hobby of some sort. And so this is it...
If blog writing counts as a hobby.

So, my name is Erica, I loveee music! And I would consider myself as quite artistic. But in a different way than usual. I would say I'm artistic with music and words. As opposed to the more obvious Drawings and paintings. 
So, I suppose you can expect some deep words of wisdom from me. 
I want to be a broadcast and column journalist when I'm older. 
Anything in radio or TV is my IDEAL place of work! 

My moto to life is LIVE LOVE LAUGH
I don't think there is anything better than those words. 
So, just remember to smileee - Why? Because smiling is GOOD for you!