Thursday, 10 February 2011


10th February 2011
So, I'm sitting on my bed, looking at a computer screen and writing my 1st post (well, actually my second. Only if you count my first one as a proper one).
Listening to John Mayer in one ear, and listening to the rain outside through the other. While thinking...Is anyone actually gonna follow my blog? And is anyone gonna read any of this. Obviously, if no one does by next month than this will be a small dot in  space. Because I'll probably delete it!

I might upload some of my old stuff from Tumblr. Ahhh, the days when I actually used to write. Instead of re-blogging everything I saw.

Usually blogs actually have some sort of meaning, but I suppose this will be some sort of online diary about a life that only a minority of the worlds population will care about.

I mean, imagine if this blew up in to something greater than I ever thought it could be.
All this stuff that I'm writing could be everywhere within seconds!

Gimme a minute and I'll put some other stuff on this (clearly) AMAZING blog!

Erica x