Saturday, 22 December 2012

Portico Quartet - 18th Oct. 2012 gig

Ticket for Portico Quartet
So, on the 18th October 2012, I went to see Portico Quartet for the first time, and they were really really good! A mate of mine had just interviewed them, and was like do you want to come with me to see them live, and I was like "well yeah!" - so we got our tickets sorted and watched from the members lounge. 
After seeing Ed Sheeran earlier that week, I would argue that the set that Portico Quartet had to offer was just phenomenal in comparison. Don't get me wrong Ed was good, but Portico Quartet were amazing. 

Th acoustics in the Roundhouse is always perfect for live performances - because of the shape, so the music just travelled round the edge, almost awakening the walls of the old "turntable engine shed" (I quote from wikipedia).

Taylor McFerrin also did a set, and he was great. He was so good, I played him in my first radio show on Roundhouse Radio.
He's also the son of Bobby McFerrin - so I expected that he would be really good! 

I didnt get to see DJ LV's set - but I'm sure it was good.

And that was the blog post that I was meant to post back in October - but I've been so busy I havent had much time. 

Remember to tune in to The Elektrik Cave on Roundhouse Radio, for an hour of Electronic music from around the globe. 

Erica x