Saturday, 9 February 2013

Busy Girl

So, I'm a bit rubbish with this whole blogging thing at the moment. But as always I do have a fairly valid reason to be.

Well, I'm a student and a radio presenter as well as the occasional on screen presenter - and so I have a very busy lifestyle. I eat sushi on the weekend, after long days of shopping. And I like to spend my Sundays reading classic novels, after going for a walk by the river. Then week days, well...that's one big busy schedule that tends to merge in to one (most months). So, as you can see I'm very busy.

I really wish that most of that was true, the first sentence is true. But the rest isn't. I've never tried sushi, and never really intend on doing so. I don't like shopping in shops on a Saturday because it's always too busy esp. since I live in London - I prefer online shopping. And Sunday's aren't spent reading novels, they are spent doing homework that's due in for Monday. So I am busy but not that kind of busy, my schedule and lifestyle is completely different to that (at the moment). I think that would be my ideal of being 'busy' but in actual fact I do much more than that.


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