Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Heya Y'all,

I thought I'd leave another post, because currently I have nothing other than revision to do, and its the biggest bore of my life (currently).
So, I say I haven't got anything to do, as right now, if I knew my passwords for some of the social networking sites I have an account to, I would be on it right now. But I have to defeat my obsession with social networking, as I'm not even networking! I'm just stalking people.
I'm planning on going on a twitter and facebook fast. I expect that I'll lose followers on twitter. And well my mates will probably abandon me for the rest of my life (because I'm not on facebook).

I know I keep saying this, but I actually need to change my background and shizzle on this blog. It just looks so boring! Any ideas?
I would say tweet me at @Erica_Mckoy but I currently wont be able to see those tweets so it would be pointless.

I'm going to post some new and current music soon if I find the time.